Social Responsibility

“It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it” – Nelson Mandela

  • Tea, Coffee & and Scones at the Point branch for elderly residents of Eden Roc Retirement Home.
  • During the recent unrest in Durban, together with our suppliers, such as Avo Fresh, we assisted with food parcels at various facilities for the elderly.Each crate contained fruit and veg items, milk, bread, meat, maize and sweets. Regal Meats who had 14 trucks burnt and the majority of their factory looted, donated meat and meat items for distribution. HD Milk drove up to Howick to a local dairy to obtain milk for the parcels.
  • Staff Projects

Course Feedback

What does our students say?

I applied for the course so that I would have some work experience before I move to Cape Town.
I enjoyed learning how to make all the different kinds of coffee especially creating designs with the foam.

Ethan Pereira (18)
Matriculated from Clifton College 2022

I joined the course as I thought it could be something I can gain a ton of helpful experience from and so I could use that experience to find a job before university starts. Throughout my days of work in the course I have been so stoked to be a part of this community and constantly surprised by how much of an art being a barista actually is.

Joshua Steenkamp (18)
Matriculated from Glenwood Boys’ High School 2022

I applied for the course in order to gain work experience and a barista course so that I could possibly find a job in Stellenbosch while I study.
This course has exceeded my expectations, as I never thought that waking up at 4am would have any benefits! Now I understand that it does as working for Bike & Bean has been a very surprising and pleasant experience through understanding the process of being a barista but also interacting with the fellow employees who never fail to make you feel like you are a part of the team. This course has taught me a lot of lessons such as being fast on your feet as well as being able to operate under pressure which is very beneficial for my future.

Joshua Pereira (18)
Matriculated from Clifton College 2022

The reason why I applied for the course is because I've always had a big love for coffee and was looking to get a job as a barista whilst studying - but I did not have any qualifications and that afternoon I saw the post on Instagram it was a blessing because it's something I was looking for.
The experience so far has been great. I've learned that making coffee is definitely not as easy as it looks from behind the counter. It feels so nice to finally get it right after many tries. The people I have worked with are the best and always ready to help us. It's been an amazing week so far and I'm excited to learn a bit more about the kitchen, bar and other aspects of Bike & Bean as well.

Kristin Lottering (18)
Matriculated from Brainline Online School 2022

Our first student intake of Barita students – 6 Jan 2023


To start 2023 on a positive note, Viki offered Matric students a free 2-week Barista course – giving young students, who are eager to learn, the opportunity to start their working career with a new and sought-after skill and valuable work experience.


Over the period, the following skills were taught:

  • Preparation of Coffees & Smoothies
  • Customer Service
  • General Coffee Shop Management
  • Stock-take & Inventory
  • GAAP & Pilot Point of Sale Training


The students were all enthusiastic and active participants and were a pleasure to have on the Bike & Bean Team. They adapted to a completely unknown environment to make the most of this experience – the early mornings, new skills and demands of both customers and the environment. Working at the four different stores each with its own dynamic, customer base and learning to work as a member of the team to provide service excellence, was an experience that we believe will make them an asset to any company they work for in the future.

I wanted to gain experience and learn a new skill
It’s been interesting to see how a business is run and to work behind the counter. Being in a high-pressure environment has forced me to learn quickly which has helped me progress quickly.

Josh Simpkins (18)
Matriculated from Westville Boys’ High School 2022

I applied for the barista course because I needed some experience and knowledge of hospitality and it’s a valuable experience for future job opportunities.
My experience so far has been amazing. The Bike & Bean staff has been so accommodating and friendly and helped me learn special skills like the coffee making and working by the till. The course has exceeded my expectations and I have had lots of fun!

Zoë Fourie (19)
Matriculated from Westville Girls’ High School 2021

I applied because I am interested in the hospitality industry, and I plan on opening my own cafe one day.
My experience with the Bike & Bean has been absolutely amazing and very informative. I learnt a lot and I was encouraged by everything I have done so far. Working and experiencing new things is a great opportunity for me as a youngster. I learnt about customer services and so much more and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute with the Bike & Bean staff. The course has been way more than I expected as I did not expect to have so much fun while learning so much in this short period of time.

Ciara Solomons (18)
Matriculated from Burnwood Secondary School 2022

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