Durban’s ‘coffee culture’ has been taken to another level

by the Bike & Bean group,

so named because pre-Covid, a bike hire service was also on offer.

Chill out with a coffee together with a delicious snack or meal at our


Each of the four shops offers an eccentric, vibrant destination for Durban residents and visitors to the City, to meet and mingle over the perfectly brewed cup of coffee, fresh baked goods or a simple, delicious meal. While coffee is at the centre of what we do, the community is at our heart. Starting with our own Staff, renowned for their service and customer-centric attitude, to the communities/ small businesses and suppliers with whom we work. Our environmentally-sensitive practices make our entire operation sustainable, an aspect we are incredibly proud of.

High Quality Coffee

Pick Up The Best Product

100% Pure Ceylon

The Single Origin Tea

Modern Coffee Makers

Comfortable And Faster

Coffee on the go 

All-year-round outdoor lifestyle

Grade 1 Coffee Beans

No Primary Defects, 0-3 Full Defects

Fresh Baked Goods

Simple delicious meals