Environmental Impact

Taking care of our planet…

Our Bike & Bean management is constantly researching new eco-friendly products and 100% percent safe to use in the food and beverage environment. To reduce waste and play our part in protecting and preserving our environmental, especially since all our shops are based in environmentally sensitive areas, we do the following:
  • Limited use of glass and plastic crockery tin plates and cups are used instead
  • Biodegradable take away cups, boxes and straws and bin bagscleaning products supplied by Geochem, are all eco-friendly as is our sanitiser, Nanocare
  • All the bags our coffee beans come in direct from our supplier, The Coffee Merchantreturned to the supplier to be reused for our next shipment
  • Used coffee-ground coffee is donated to Blackburn settlement organisation in the area who convert it into plant food for on-selling to generate additional income for families in the community
We are actively and regularly involved in beach clean-ups and local community activities to improve and uplift the areas in which we operate.

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